Waterproof and Durable 360-Degree Action Camera

Waterproof and Durable 360-Degree Action Camera


Garmin VIRB 360 Action Camera

Garmin’s VIRB 360 is Garmin’s newest Action Camera. Record your adventures with 360-degrees of video at the touch of a button or voice-command. Simple editing through the Hyperframe Director Mode and the free Garmin VIRB App, 4-built in microphones and 1-click stabilization make this action camera user-friendly while offering a high quality of picture.


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Waterproof and Durable 360-Degree Action Camera

If you’re looking for a lightweight action camera that is rugged, waterproof and jam packed with the latest recording features, the search stops here. Simple one touch and voice control operation makes starting and stopping your video fast and easy. Record 360-degree video with up to 5.7K/30fps resolution via the built in-omnidirectional camera that seamlessly overlaps the video for one continuous feed whether vertical or horizontal you’re good. The Hyperframe Director Mode allows users to reframe video content with smooth camera pans and wide angles. Photos were taken with the Virb 360 also enjoy the benefits of this high-resolution picture. Whether extreme trail riding or sky diving, the 4K spherical stabilizer keeps the video recording steady regardless of any erratic movement the user makes. Garmin’s Raw Stitching technology allows users to stitch raw video together to achieve a smooth and seamless end product. The 10HZ built-in GPS with GlONASS keeps you in tune with your exact location no matter how remote your location may be. Built-in sensors include a barometer which is extremely helpful in keeping track of pressure in the atmosphere. The compass, and gyroscope aids in managing orientation as you move. Add up to 128 GB of storage on a micro SD card allowing you to have an abundance of recording and picture taking room available. The Virb 360 can be mounted on universal action and tripod mounts and is waterproof to 10 meters. The lightweight 5.6oz size will not feel heavy or cumbersome if you choose to wear your VIRB.

The Virb 360 also has a 360-degree audio feature that is perfect for letting your viewing audience capture your adventure with not only sights but sounds, like the waves crashing behind you as you surf, or just hearing your excitement as you take your wildest adventures to the limit! The 15 megapixel resolution camera has several modes for capturing stills like burst shots, time lapse, and travelapse for those times you wish to condense a video in smaller fragments. The Virb 360 comes with a replaceable glass cover lens, and a re-chargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 1 hour. The 360 also has the ability to interface wirelessly through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or ANT+. When you add on optional sensors to the 360 you really begin to see that this camera is capable of; like cadence, heart rate, temperature just to name a few of the additional features. G-Metrix sensor within the Virb 360 is perfect for almost any sport- snowboarders and skiers can see jump height and distance, roll and pitch, as well as rotations and hang time. Streaming your video on social media apps as Facebook Live, and YouTube lets you share your amazing adventures with the world via an Apple device. Utilize the free VIRB Mobile app, or desktop software for video editing, add data overlays to content and share. Garmin has made the Virb 360 action camera so easy to use and lets you capture the moments in life as they happen.


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