Order Garmin D2 Delta S Aviation Watch

Order Garmin D2 Delta S Aviation Watch


Garmin D2 Delta S Aviation Watch

The D2 Delta S is the smallest in size of the D2 series of aviator smartwatches. Packed with smart features like WiFi, music storage, Garmin Pay, Elevate wrist based heart rate and advanced avionics features, the D2 is sure to impress.


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Premium Aviation Watch with MultiSport Features!

Waterproof Has Bluetooth

Garmin’s D2 Delta S is designed specifically with pilots in mind! Packaged with a stylish beige leather band as well as an additional white silicone band, the D2 S is a fully functional pilot watch. Smaller in size, the Delta S offers color mapping, NEXRAD weather, automatic flight logging and more!

Having global flight navigation capabilities on your wrist is made possible with Garmin’s D2 Delta S. Offering advanced aviation, storage for 500 songs, Garmin Pay contactless payments as well as sport watch functions – you truly do have a do it all watch! The D2 Delta S is the smallest of the 3 D2 Delta watches available and provides a 42mm scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens. The smaller size, however, doesn’t keep it from being packed full of all the features. With waypoint references and flight logging features, the D2 is designed to provide you with reliable on wrist navigation while in the cockpit. Plus when you’re not flying you can keep track of everyday fitness with Elevate-wrist based heart rate and daily activity tracking including monitoring steps taken. The D2 S is so advanced it even lets you receive smart notifications including texts, emails, and alerts right on your wrist.

With its built-in worldwide airport base you can now access Garmin’s Direct-To or nearest route with 2 of the dedicated buttons on the watch – this way you can fly direct to you location or in the event a quicker landing is required you will know where the closest airport is with just the touch of a button. View your flight path on the bright colored display while also seeing the nearby navaids, airports and more! And with the waypoint option, you can create your own locations, save them and access them whenever you want to!

Pair your D2 with your smartphone for at a glance weather updated! View location-based meteorological reports, terminal forecasts and even view high res radar graphics overlaid on the moving map ensuring you have the most up to date weather info for any important preflight decisions.

Automatic flight logging! With the D2 you don’t have to worry about initiating your watch. The D2 knows when you’re taking off due to the change in altitude and will automatically initiate the logbook function – recording data such as date, duration, total flight time and route and will even sync it into your Garmin logbook. (*Smartphone and Garmin Pilot app required) Fully customizable, the D2 S lets you select the data that’s most important to you and makes it easily accessible. Select from data fields such as GPS groundspeed, GPS track, Distance from Waypoints/airports and more! You can even select a specific altitude and have your D2 S alert you when you get there. Plus, when it gets noisy you can rely on Vibration alerts to get your attention!

After your flight has been completed, the D2 Delta S is ready for the gym, a run, a hike even golfing! With preloaded activity profiles, this watch really does do it all! You can even store up to 500 songs directly on your watch and when paired with Bluetooth headphones you can listen to your favorite jams whether in the air or on the ground. Forgot your wallet? No problem with the D2 Delta S because with Garmin pay you can easily pay for anything wherever contactless payments are accepted. Simply access your virtual wallet (card #s must be uploaded prior to using Garmin Pay) and hold your wrist near the card reader and you’re done! NO more fumbling around looking for a cash or card.

For the pilot who wants it all – look no further. The Garmin D2 Delta S is a must-have!


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