Garmin Rino 755T Handheld GPS with GMRS Radio and Topo Maps

Garmin Rino 755T Handheld GPS with GMRS Radio and Topo Maps


Garmin Rino 755T Handheld GPS with GMRS Radio and Topo Maps

Garmin’s Rino 755T is a powerful 5W GMRS Radio, two-way communication device. Preloaded Topo Mapping, GPS/GLONASS Receivers, Large 3” Touchscreen Display, Active Weather, 8MP Camera, Wireless Communication and Position Reporting are just the beginning of this rugged handheld! Take the Rino 755T with you on your next outdoor adventure.


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Two-Way Communication GPS with GMRS Radio

Has Touch Screen Waterproof Sunlight Viewable Hiking GPS

The Rino 755t from Garmin allows its user the ease of operation that a touchscreen GPS provides while adding two-way GMRS radio communication to the mix.

Garmin has built the Rino 755t to be a great asset to the hunter or outdoorsman who needs to keep track and communicate with a group while in the field. The built-in 5 Watt GMRS radio will allow you to communicate with other radios or Rino units up to 5 miles away. Preloaded with Garmin’s 100K Topo mapping – terrain mapping and off-road trails are already visible on the 3″ touchscreen. The Rino also supports additional maps such as the Garmin HuntView or more detailed 24K Topo Maps.

Compatible with HuntView Maps Compatible with Garmin 24K Topo Maps

With so many expandable mapping options, the Rino can easily be your all-in-one GPS navigator. Simply add a Garmin City Navigator automotive chart to your Rino and receive automotive routing as well!

 Compatible with City Navigator Maps

Designed with a high sensitivity GPS and GLONASS satellite receiver with a quad-helix antenna, the 755 Topo will locate satellites in even more difficult locations than previous units. The receiver is also equipped with an electronic compass and barometric altimeter which will generate more accurate location readings for the Rino 755t.

More than just a GPS; the 755T also offers an 8 MP camera that can be used to geotag photos while in the field. A Bluetooth feature can be used to connect to compatible headsets, the Garmin Connect App is also available to connect to a smartphone for two way text messages and even Active Weather forecasts with radar tracking, with emergency alerts. Position Reporting has been a mainstay in the Rino line. Position reporting allows you to send your exact location to other Rino users so they can see you on their map page. This feature offers peace of mind when hunting or exploring in a group.

The Rino 755t may be the most complete unit for the outdoorsman who needs to stay in touch while he or she is in the field. They can see and be seen by others working or hunting with Rino’s in their group. The accuracy of the GPS in the Rino 755t is the best that a recreational grade GPS can offer! If you are working, hiking or hunting in a group under heavy cover, the Rino 755t is a GPS solution to consider.

Replaces Garmin Part# 010-01958-10, (FRS Radio Version is No Longer Available)


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