Garmin Rino 700 Handheld GPS with 2 Way Radio

Garmin Rino 700 Handheld GPS with 2 Way Radio


Garmin Rino 700 Handheld GPS with 2 Way Radio

The Rino 700 brought to you by Garmin brings 2-Way GMRS Radio communication to an affordable price point. Rugged and Waterproof, the Rino 700 has a 2.2” monochromatic display with thumbstick control. Worldwide Basemap, Unit to Unit Text Messaging, Position Reporting and so much more!


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Powerful, 5 Watt Two-Way Radio with 3” Touchscreen

Has Touch Screen Waterproof Sunlight Viewable Hiking GPS

The Garmin Rino 750 – A Rugged and Waterproof handheld device that comes with a high sensitivity GPS! The Rino 750 offers both GPS and GLONASS tracking along with a powerful 5 W 2-way radio so you can communicate with other Rino users. For added safety, built-in emergency alerts will notify other users on the same channel of your location and shows you the position of the person on their way to you. You will be impressed with the spot-on accuracy due to the quad-helix antenna and GLONASS receiver, don’t think twice about heavy tree canopy or deep canyons, the built-in high sensitivity receiver will locate you anywhere on or off the grid. The 3” color touchscreen display can be read in the sunlight and viewed vertically or horizontally. The Rino 750 has a built-in worldwide shaded basemap and micro SD slot for more data storage and also additional maps, such as highly detailed Topo mapping if needed.

Compatible with HuntView Maps Compatible with Garmin 24K Topo Maps

Communicate with other Rino users in your area via 5-Watt GMRS Radio and locate other users on your map screen and visa Versa. If you have a Bluetooth compatible headset synched to the 750 you’ll have enhanced radio communication while a Bluetooth link to a compatible Smartphone will allow you to be able to get Smart notifications like texts, calls and emails. Unit to Unit Text messaging also keeps you quieter should you encounter windy conditions or have wildlife nearby. Geocaching live integration allows for downloading and finding geocaches for family fun outings.

Additional features let you mark up to 10,000 waypoints, NOAA weather radio, Active weather forecasts, 14-hour battery life are just a few of the added benefits of the rugged Garmin Rino 750. For the ultimate in handheld navigation and communication, the Rino 750 will be the one, does it all solution no matter what the environment.

The Garmin Rino is commonly misspelled as Rhino.


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