Buy Garmin RV 780 RV GPS Online

Buy Garmin RV 780 RV GPS Online


Garmin RV 780 RV GPS

Garmin’s RV 780 GPS with 3D Buildings, HISTORY Database, and added content from Ultimate Public Campgrounds, KOA, iOverlander and Plan RV is a top contender in recreational vehicle GPS units. A large 6.95” display and preloaded with detailed mapping of North America, this RV GPS is customizable with your vehicles size and weight providing the best and safest route for you to take!


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6.95″ RV GPS with dedicated RV Routing and Points of Interest!

The Garmin RV 780 will help you Navigate your RV to your best adventure or vacation yet! With a crisp 6.95” Touch Screen display, internal GPS sensor, traffic receiver, pre-loaded detailed maps with map updates included for North America and millions of Points-of-Interest, the RV780 will not leave you guessing.

The most basic feature of a GPS is to show you where you are on a map. And the RV780 will certainly do that, and in great detail. The pre-loaded maps will display small roads, dirt roads, highways and interstates, political boundaries and more. Enter the address or point of interest that you want to go to and the RV 780 will route you using specialized RV routing based on the vehicles size and weight. Once underway the RV uses Garmin Real Directions which gives more realistic prompts to turn (example, “Turn Left at the McDonald’s Ahead”) and will also provide warnings and driver alerts for things like steep grades, sharp curves, weight limits, speed limits and more. While in transit the Garmin RV will provide “Up Ahead”, a Garmin feature that gives you information about services and locations ahead on your route. A great feature when looking for food or fuel. When entering your destination, you can also shape the route to go through specific cities you may want to visit or use specific roads. This comes in very handy when taking a long trip and making sure you hit specific spots along the way. If that was still not enough the Garmin RV780 can still make navigating easier. More features to give you better situational awareness are the photoReal Junction View (so you can see a real picture of the interchange you are entering), Lane Guidance with voice prompts (see a 3D view of the highway ahead with an arrow of which lane to be in well ahead of the interchange) and 3D buildings (when navigating in a city see real buildings in 3D for even more clarity of where to turn).

The RV780 is loaded with millions of points of interest from databases like Ultimate Public Campgrounds, KOA, iOverlander, PlanRV, HISTORY, US National Parks Directory and Foursquare. These points are all searchable on the unit either through the touch screen display or by speaking to the unit through the voice-activated feature. You will also be able to get TripAdvisor ratings for some of the points.

The RV 780 also has wireless capabilities through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. WiFi allows you to download the free map updates and software updates without the use of a computer. You can also connect to your compatible smartphone to access live services free from Garmin’s Drive App. Get Live traffic updates, parking information, weather forecasts and traffic camera info. Bluetooth provides hands-free calling through your compatible smartphone. Not only can you send and receive phone calls but you can also get Smart Notifications like text messages and calendar reminders.

When you look at all of the features this unit has you will see it is a great value for the money. Add in that it is also compatible with Garmin’s BC30 Backup Camera and can accept SD/microSD cards for additional mapping and you will see that this is the unit to have for any RV traveler.

Garmin RV 780 RV GPS Box Contents

Each RV 780 Comes with:

  • Garmin RV 780
  • Vehicle Suction Cup Mount
  • Traffic Receiver/Vehicle Power Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Documentation
  • One Year Warranty
Garmin RV 780 RV GPS Key Features
  • Includes RV POI’s, Services and Directory!
  • High Resolution 6.95”’ Edge to Edge Touch Screen Display
  • Voice activated navigation
  • Provides updates on steep grades, sharp curves, weight limits and more
  • Custom routing based on RV Size and Weight
  • Size: 6.8″W x 3.9″H x 0.7“D


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