Buy Garmin DriveAssist 51LMT-S online

Buy Garmin DriveAssist 51LMT-S online


Garmin DriveAssist 51LMT-S

Garmin’s DriveAssist 51LMT is a top choice in automotive GPS units. With Forward Collision Warning and RealVision, the DriveAssist uses the built-in camera for added safety. Detailed Maps of the US and Canada, Bluetooth, Voice Activation and More!


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Offering a bright 5” pinch to zoom display, The DriveAssist 51LMTS with detailed mapping for North America is the next generation in GPS Safety! A built-in forward-looking camera with advanced driver alerts that also acts as a dashcam continuously recording your drive and automatically saving the file on impact.

The DriveAssist 51LMT-s doesn’t only have a built-in camera it also comes with camera assisted driver alerts. Garmin’s Go feature will alert you when the traffic in front starts to move. It also includes a forward collision warning alerting you when you get too close to a vehicle and also warns you when you drift off the road or merge into oncoming traffic. Plus, with the built-in camera, you’re no longer going to struggle to see house numbers. The 51lmt-s will go to camera mode and show a bright yellow arrow pointing where you need to go to get to your destination. Add to that Garmin real directions, the 51LMT-S makes it easier than ever getting to your next destination by using landmarks and traffic lights instead of just a physical address.

Keeping safety at the forefront, the 51 LMT comes with driver alerts. The DriveAssist will provide alerts for sharp curves, speed changes, railroad crossing, and animal crossing. It also alerts you when you’re on a one-way street and also when you’re in a school zone. The GPS also receives notifications for nearby red light cameras and speed cameras. When you are driving to long the GPS has a built-in fatigue warning offer nearby rest stops to take a break. If you are involved in an accident the DriveAssist will send a text message to your designated contact a map link as to where the accident has occurred.

So many added features! The Garmin 51 includes voice activation allowing you to activate and enter destinations into your GPS with your voice! Wi-Fi compatibility enables you to do your next update wirelessly when you are connected to your homes’ WI-FI. When a new update is available you will receive an on-screen alert. Simply plug into any outlet as to ensure there’s enough battery life and go about your activities while you wait for the update to complete. The 51LMT-s also has built-in Bluetooth allows you to make phone calls, view text messages, and even look at your calendar reminders when connected to your smartphone.

With all these benefits, the DriveAssist is hard to pass by!

Garmin DriveAssist 51LMT-S Box Contents

Each Garmin DriveAssist 51LMT-S comes with:

  • Garmin DriveAssist 51LMT-S Unit
  • Vehicle Suction Cup Mount
  • Vehicle Power Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty
Garmin DriveAssist 51LMT-S Key Features
  • 5” Auto GPS with Lifetime Maps and Traffic
  • Camera Assisted Alerts – Forward Collision Warning and Real Vision
  • Live track allows you to share location with Friends
  • Bluetooth Handsfree Calling
  • Voice-Activated Navigation
  • Unit Size: 5.5″W x 3.3″H x 0.8″D


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