Buy Garmin Drive 52 Traffic with U.S and Canada Maps

Buy Garmin Drive 52 Traffic with U.S and Canada Maps


Garmin Drive 52 Traffic with U.S and Canada Maps

Garmin’s Drive 52 Traffic is an easy to operate 5” GPS. Turn by Turn guidance throughout the US and Canada is standard along with FREE map updates, Driver Alerts, Up Ahead and much more! Included traffic cable provides updates on delays, accidents or construction along your route.


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5″ Auto GPS with Traffic Updates included


Are you in the market for a new personal navigation device (PND)? Take a look at Garmin’s Drive 52 Traffic with preloaded maps of U.S. and Canada! A bright 5” display with text to speech, lifetime map and traffic updates, TripAdvisor ratings, HISTORY channel database and more!

The drive 52 offers a bright 5” color display which is a cinch to maneuver and offers simplified menu options. Information is laid out nicely on Drive 52 in a manner that is easy to understand and provides some of Garmin’s most favored features such as Up Ahead which provides helpful icons for things like Food, Shopping, Hotels and more that are along your route. In addition to the millions of points of interest preloaded to your 52, the Drive also includes Foursquare P.O.I.’s providing you with the newest places to experience in dining and stores for shopping. Plus, you can even see how they stack up to TripAdvisor ratings, so you can make the best choice for you.

Intuitive navigation features will make the ride more pleasurable with options like Driver alerts with a gentle tone as you approach a School Zone to slow down in a timely manner. Garmin’s Real Guidance provides not only directions, but visuals (turn left after McDonald’s) to help you follow the spoken directions while driving. The Drive 52 will even shape a route through preferred Cities and streets that you frequent in your day to day travels, and keep you apprised if you happen to exceed the speed limit.

Getting stuck in traffic jams is a thing of the past, the Garmin Drive 52 knows how to outsmart the vehicles around you and get you to the place you intended much faster. Traffic updates are done automatically through the power cord without the need of a SmartPhone, so you can have peace of mind knowing that if there is construction, and accident or delays you will know ahead of time, in other words: no unexpected surprises. The Garmin drive 52 will provide an alternate route taking the worry of where to go next to get around the issue.

Anyone in the Family a History buff? You will love the History Network POI’s built into the Drive 52 with Traffic- this neat feature shows you pictures and descriptions of where to find Historical sites, Monuments, and Museums. Make your current road trip an educational adventure with fun for everyone. Want to take a hike or pull over for a picnic? The built in National Parks directory will help you navigate through the Park, find a Campground, the Visitor center, even a Trail Head! If you are looking for a practical PND with extra’s that you will actually use the Garmin Drive 52 Traffic is the solution.

Garmin Drive 52 Traffic Box Contents
Each Garmin Drive 52 Traffic Comes with:

  • Drive 52
  • Vehicle Suction Cup Mount
  • Traffic Receiver/Vehicle Power Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • One Year Warranty
Garmin Drive 52 Traffic Key Features
  • Real Directions with Landmark Guidance
  • Includes HISTORY Channel Database of notable sites
  • 5” Display with Spoken Turn by Turn Guidance
  • Driver Alerts – Includes Speed Cameras, School Zones, Animal Crossings etc.
  • Included Traffic receiver provides updates on accidents, delays and construction along your route
  • Size: 5.5″W x 3.3″H x 0.75“D
Garmin Drive 52 


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