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 Microtech Knives

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Microtech Knives

“Beginning in 1994, out of an apartment and later a storage shed in Vero Beach, Florida, Microtech Knives was created with a simple mission in mind: Create the Best Knives possible.”

“More than 20 years later, now headquartered in Western North Carolina, Microtech Knives operates with that same mission at the forefront of everything we do. Throughout the evolution of growth and change, our goal is to maintain the highest standards of quality possible.”

Buy Microtech Knives

The supply of Microtech Knives available is always changing and is limited by the production of these quality knives. There’s an immense amount of testing and hand qualifications that the knives must pass before they are sent out to the dealers that qualify.

“Microtech Knives proudly and confidently extends a Lifetime Warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship. We expect you to use the knife. We made it with that in mind.”

Here are the current Microtech Knives we have available at the shop.  For inquiries about shipping and availability, text at 772-774-0779.

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Make the right choice with Microtech knives for sale

With so many blade length options, designs, and handle types, a non-professional may have a hard time fixing on a perfect knife. But your choice has just been made way simpler! If you want something where premier quality and extended functionality meet, leave your doubts behind and buy Microtech knives. This brand is worthy of your attention, no two ways about it.

For starters, Microtech is a heavy hitter among knife makers touted for its automatic as well as manual-folding OTF models suited for everyday carry. Over the years, the brand has been proving its dedication to exceptional quality and blade technology. It’s nothing short of fascinating how Microtech has mastered the art of knife making, bringing a wow-effect to every single model in its line-up.

Ready to keep your eyes peeled for the brand’s most sought-after models but have no idea where to buy Microtech knives? Check out the production diversity – from classic to the newest choices – at MOVINGLINEGPS. We stock a myriad of best-sellers from Microtech to help you see the difference between outstanding and regular knives.

Buy Microtech knives online and save with us

Let’s face it: every time you gravitate towards a top-tier fixed blade, OTF, or any other option, you stumble upon a jaw-dropping price tag. But what if you could get a quality cutter without carrying the burden of expensiveness? Yes, it’s feasible with MOVINGLINEGPS.

By offering time-tested yet cheap Microtech knives in a variety of series, we eliminate unreasonable price tags from your shopping. Even though this brand is an industry leader, its products are not supposed to cost you a fortune, and we’re ready to prove it. So, be sure to dive into:

  • browsing available series from Microtech

  • comparing different knives to pick the right one for your needs

  • buying it at a fair price from MOVINGLINEGPS

  • getting it dispatched for free (if your order is more than $120)

Plus, when you order Microtech knives or any other products at our store, you’re provided with a satisfaction guarantee for 30 days. Discounts, coupon codes, and more money-saving opportunities are also there!