Frequently Questions

What is GPS?

Worldwide Positioning System (GPS) fills in as an overall radio framework and was initially created and executed by the U.S. Branch of Defense. GPS is a satellite-based route framework contained 24 circling satellites. GPS chips away at the rule that on the off chance that you know an article’s good ways from a few known areas, you would then be able to compute its area. The “known” areas are the GPS satellites, and the separation to the item is estimated utilizing the travel time of an encoded sign. The satellites likewise communicate an information stream alongside the encoded sign to transmit data about their area.

Battery Save Mode

The battery save mode, will place the device to sleep and wake up 2-4 time per day, report its location and go to sleep again to save the battery.

If you need this mode, let us know and we will turn it up for you.

If you need non-stop live tracking mode, than battery will hold for up to 4 days, depending on the tracking frequency (ie. once per min, or up to once per 2 hours)

What is standard warranty

A year for producer related issues. This does exclude maltreatment to the gadget or unintentional harm or water harm.

How often should I replace my Device?

You will not have to supplant the unit except if it has been broken or harmed, or you wish to redesign when a fresher unit is accessible.